She Used Bricks And TRASH CANS To Make THIS For Her Front Yard, And It’s SO CUTE!


She bought SIX trash cans in two different sizes and put them in her front yard to make THIS!

Bricks and trash cans sound like items you’d find in a dump yard, to be honest.

It seems strange that anyone would want to use the items to create something for their YARD!

But, the blogger from The Spotted Lamb totally proved us wrong.

She figured out how to use the supplies to make gorgeous, giant planters for her front yard.

“I wanted to really showcase the front of the house and add some color and texture with flowers in large outdoor planters,” she wrote on the blog post about the project. “But, my vision was quickly dashed when I discovered just how expensive outdoor planter pots are!?”

Instead of dropping more than $80 per planter, she came up with a solution to create three of her own for just $45 total!

She started by gathering all the supplies, which include three large and three small trash cans, spray paint, and bricks among other smaller materials.


The first thing she did was make four large holes on all four sides near the bottom of the large trash can, which would be used for drainage.

Then, she made sure the can was clean and painted the whole thing with three or four coats.


When the paint had dried, she placed her two bricks in the bottom of the large can and then put the smaller trash can upside down on top of them.


“Make sure the smaller can is pushed all the way down,” she wrote. “The smaller can acts as a shelf and space filler for the larger can.”

After that, the only thing she had left to do was start potting.

That included filling the trash can almost to the top with soil and added all the flowers on top of that!


She also added another option that may save you even more money.

“Rather than filling with soil, you can simply buy a potted plant and rest the entire plant on top of the smaller trash can,” she wrote. “No one will ever know!”


Find more details about the project here.