They Used Their Food Stamps To Buy Groceries, But When They Took Out Cash To Buy THIS, He Flipped


After a group of people used a welfare card to purchase groceries,they turned around and bought lottery tickets with their cash.

When a taxpayer saw them do this, he decided to confront the people on welfare about what he witnessed inside the Pennsylvania grocery store at check out.

The angry observer drives up to the group of people on welfare and gets their attention.

“I noticed you bought your groceries with a welfare card but then you used cash to buy lottery tickets,” he says.

The group gets agitated and questions why this guy cares what they bought.

“What the f— is he saying?” the young woman in the group asks.

“You used an access card to buy your groceries, but then you bought scratch-off tickets with cash,” the man says. “You think that’s right?”

“Mind your own f—— business,” the woman replies.

That’s when the taxpayer gets out of his vehicle and physically confronts the woman.

“It is my business, because I work for a living and I pay taxes,” the man says.

“Go f— yourself,” the woman responds.

“Wow. Pregnant, smoking and pajama pants?” the man replies. “You’re like a f—— triple f— up.”

The antagonist goes through the group’s shopping cart and removes a steak.

“You know what?” he says. “Steak is for f—— taxpayers.”

Watch the incident in the video below.

Do you think the man was right to confront the group about abusing their food stamp money?

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