> Using Recycled Wood, One Company Makes Houses Fit For Fairies

Using Recycled Wood, One Company Makes Houses Fit For Fairies


When you were little (or maybe not so little), you probably read fairy tales where the plucky young heroes encountered a magical little cottage in the woods.

Maybe you imagined the cottage as looking a little peculiar, maybe decorated with plants and statues. And the biggest thrill of all? Imagining who could possibly live there!

If your childhood daydreams happened to linger through your adult life, you’ll be happy to know that an adorable, fairy tale cottage can, in fact, be yours!

Thanks to Minnesota-based company the Rustic Way, people can now purchase tiny cottages made from locally sourced, reclaimed wood that look like something right out of a storybook.

If there are two things that pretty much everyone can agree are great, it’s tiny houses, which are enjoying huge popularity, and anything fairy tale, like this little girl’s room that was transformed into a land of fantasy by her creative mom.

And the houses at the Rustic Way, which have been used as sheds, studios, saunas, and little getaways, have the best of both worlds. Step inside, and you just might feel more magical!

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Here’s one of the Rustic Way’s cabins. Imagine coming across something like this in the woods. You might think you’d accidentally stepped into a fairy tale.


But they’re very real, and very carefully and lovingly made by founder Dan Pauly.

He and his team scour the Midwest, and sometimes other places, to find and salvage old wood from abandoned barns, houses, and other structures.


The wood is carefully collected and preserved, and then it’s used to create these cabins. That means they’re completely recycled. They’re also totally handcrafted.


Dan comes from a long line of builders and carpenters, and for him, working with this wood, which can date back a century, is a humbling experience.

“Until you have dismantled an old barn, you can’t imagine the painstaking effort it took from Old World craftsmen to erect it,” he says. “They were each a work of art.”


Though they share similar designs, the houses are built for a variety of uses, including playhouses, garden sheds, guest cottages, saunas, and even outhouses.


And naturally, each owner puts their own unique spin on each one through color and decoration.


While they’re completely functional and practical in their sturdy craftsmanship and recycled materials, their charming, quirky design makes them much more lovable.


They’ve even shown them at the Minnesota State Fair. Visitors could take a tour of the interior and see how many possibilities could really fit inside one of these.


They really make the world look a little more magical.


Many people use them as outbuildings on their property, and depending on their use, they can include power, plumbing, and insulation. And because they’re so small, they can also be shipped to their destination.


They also come in different lengths of eight, 10, and 12 feet, and they all stand about 13 feet tall. Thanks to the bulbous shape, though, they have more interior space than a square building would.


They also all come with this cute chimney.

But what do they look like inside?


Well, depending on what they’re being used for, the interiors can change, but they can include platform bunk beds, counters, work spaces, and sinks.


Here’s one that was built as a guest cottage, complete with bunk beds and some storage, and even a little desk.


And the beds can be configured in different ways, too.


Or they don’t have to be bunk beds at all!


And naturally, the interiors are just as customizable as the exteriors, and quickly become cozy homes away from home.


You can see many more of the Rustic Way’s projects on their website, and see information about getting one yourself!

And if a full-size one isn’t what you need right now, they also sell miniature versions as bird- and squirrel-feeders! Or, you can just keep up with their latest projects on Facebook.

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