VIDEO: Anytime A Zipper Broke I’d Throw The Item Away. Then I Learned THIS Trick To Fix Any Zipper


The zipper has revolutionized the way we dress ever since it was first invented by Whitcomb L. Judson all the way back in 1890. Now you can find them on the backs of dresses, sealing up backpacks, and basically every single pair of pants (other than those annoying button-fly pants).

But all too often, you’ll find that the bottom part of a zipper just isn’t staying closed the way it used to. It’s happened to all of us, but there’s really no reason to panic. Not after you learn this super easy trick to fixing any zipper in just seconds!

Thanks to the geniuses over at UCAN Zippers USA for this easy tutorial – what would we do without experts like this? So if you have a zipper that is stuck, simply follow these instructions and you’ll be good to go in no time flat.

Zippers don’t work if the “teeth” don’t engage and interlock solidly. To get that solid connection back, use a clamp or some pliers to push the bottom of the slider together. Don’t do it too hard though, or the zipper will take way too much effort to open.

Test it out by pulling the zipper up again and it should fully engage again, just like new.

Share this easy zipper fix today because nobody likes dealing with this annoying issue, especially when a solution is this easy!