When young children fearlessly perform for an audience, something lights up inside of me and I feel overwhelmed with joy. Watching them do the best they can without the inhibition or worry that they’ll be judged is not only inspiring, it’s heartwarming.

But when children pour their heart and soul into Jesus, I feel a tingling sensation all over.

So when these two boys got on stage to perform their music, I expected something cute to unfold, but I never expected it to be this amazingly adorable. And the fact that they’re singing a Easter song makes the entire moment all the better.

Every year Easter welcomes us into spring and for Christians, it is a time to remember the miracles of Jesus. And we feel proud whenever we see the next generation of Christians learning the message of Jesus so they can pass down the Word to the people yet to bless this earth with their presence,.

Check out the video below to see these little boys started singing Robert Lowry’s 1874 hymn titled “Low in the Grave He Lay,” everyone in the audience got excited.

Although the cute little boy on the left has some trouble getting started (and looks like a deer in the headlights) with a little help from mom on the piano, they take right off.

Although these boys are about 2- and 3-years-old in the video, they’re able to draw passion and energy from Jesus.

Singing in front of an audience takes a lot out of these little boys. Take a look at what he does at the 1:50 mark. But again with a little help from his mommy, he keeps going.

Sometimes when toddlers want to do something, they relentlessly go after it until they get to do it. And more often than not the kids seem to call the shots. These little boys obviously wanted to sing about Jesus.

When mom encourages her boy to sing into the mic, watch his priceless reaction. He passionately gets into the song! I love it! What great little Christians working hard to praise their Lord and all the good work he has done over the centuries.

While these boys might not hit every note perfectly, their presence on stage is absolutely priceless. And the fact that they’re trying their best warms our hearts every single time.

Since the clip was uploaded in 2011, it has received more than 3.7 million views on YouTube alone.

Here’s what some fans have written in the comments:

“Sooooo adorable especially when he sit down, they are so cute, precious and soooo sweet. I can watch it over and over and over and over and…….. agin…..over and over and over and over and over and over ……..again”

“How sweet and innocent!!! God bless these young boys”

“I love this so much!! Children should always sing!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!”

“Aw! This is so cute.  The little one seems so mischievous haha.”

Check it out now! Does it remind you of any little ones you know?

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