The media and entertainment industry from the early days of broadcasting in the 50’s is almost entirely different than it is now in modern times.  People consume different content with different types of programs that would air on the public television.

In face, back in the 50’s, that’s all there was: TV!  Netflix, YouTube, and the internet in general were things of the past, and people would turn on the tube to get the latest news and entertainment for the night.

One popular type of program that used to air was called American Bandstand, which was an American music performance show that aired from 1952 all the way up till 1989, and featured one of the nation’s favorites, Dick Clark as its host.

One dance that aired on American Bandstand that many people are extremely fond of is the classic dance The Stroll, which aired in an episode in Idaho in February in 1958.  The show featured local teens dancing in this classic dance that is extremely simple, but makes you feel good and happy just watching it nevertheless.

In the dance, you can see a row of boys and girls lined up facing each other with a space in the middle.   In that space, a couple would then join hands and make their way down the isle to the slow paced trot that was playing in the background.  As the other other kids in the line were making their way up, they would have to use whatever dance steps the ones walking down the isle would use.

This created a great, slow paced effect that featured a very slow, natural, and wholesome dance that really brought out what people were thinking and had on their minds at the time.  It is also funny to see the teens counting their steps and trying extremely hard not to mess up.

The Stroll was a very popular rock n roll dance that was first choreographed by Ryan Rancois, and was originally written by Clyde Otis and recorded by a Canadian group called the Diamonds.

It was first performed to C. C. Rider by Chuck Willis on American Bandstand, and later became a hit with people all around the nation.

This dance is as one commenter put it, of utmost modesty, and leaves much to the imagination of the viewer in a step that is not overproduced, overdone, and simply expresses how the particular dancers at the time were feeling.

At the end when all the couples had may their way down the isle, everybody broke their formation and started clapping as the song wrapped up.

It is so great to look back and see memories like this that used to be part of daily American culture, which can be a great break from the fast paced society that we are submerged in today with all of the rapid information sharing and technology.

If you want to see the dance video for yourself, check it out below and let us know what your favorite dance from the show American Bandstand was in the comments!



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