VIDEO: When He Said What’s Inside This House I Thought He Was Joking. Then I Got A Tour. SPEECHLESS


People who care for an help animals that have been injured or forgotten are some of the most important people in our society because there are so many animals that need our help in the world today.

Every year, there are thousands of abandoned and stray cats and dogs roaming the streets in the United States, left to die, and millions more all over the world.

To help the effort of making sure animals are happy and healthy, one man named Peter Cohen is stepping up and adopting large amounts of rescued cats into his home, which he masterfully designed to be suited just for his feline friends.

Cohen bought his home a few years back and it came with two cats that he adopted in the process.   One was hit by a car and was killed and the other was also injured and had to go into surgery.  The second cat survived, but became an indoor cat.

Cohen wanted his cat to still be happy, but also safe and have an environment in which his feline friend could come back to full health safely, so he built his home for cats.

He has spent almost $50,000 on some of the structures in the house that help accommodate the cats.  Cohen started building cat walked and immediately began to love exploring the different architecture of the doorways and ramps that he would build.  He even got professional carpenters to help him with the entry ways to the passages.

There are now over 13 cats since the last time he counted living in the home, with 15 litter boxes.

Creative strategies need to be devised as well in order to keep the house clean.  Cohen has a few roombas that constantly run and help pick up the cat hair everywhere.

While having some many feline friends might be great and fun, it can also be distracting for them as well.  Sometimes during the time that they are sleeping, sometimes the cats chase each other around the house on the catwalks, make a lot of noise, and wake Cohen up in the middle of the night, but he doesn’t mind much because he loves helping all the cats.

It is so heart warming to see somebody who cares so much about the animals that are lost and forgotten in our world, and it can really make a huge difference to the cats to get just a little help.  In one story that Cohen told, one of the cats had cancerous tumors all over him.

Vets though he would not survive, and normally the cat would have been put down, but Cohen took care of the cat and gave him time to recover, and eventually the cat was back in full health good as new!

If you want to see the inside of Cohen’s remarkable home and see lots of furry friends, check out the video below and let us know if you would ever live in a house like this with all the cats in the comments!