VIDEO: She Walks Up To This World Famous Stallion. What He Does Next? JAW DROPPING…


After you watch just a few seconds of this majestic animal prancing and galloping, you’ll understand his international appeal.

The beloved Friesian stallion named Frederik the Great is loaded with a seemingly infinite amount of style and grace. Basically, he is the supermodel of horses. Watch the video below.

Not only is Frederik the Great powerful and physically beautiful, he also has a showy personality and an attitude that seems to say, “Yes, I know I’m the best.”

Pinnacle Friesians uploaded the video below of Frederik in the summer of 2012. You’ll watch the proud horse move throughout the field as well as pose for the camera. Do you have any doubts why he is one of the world’s most beloved stallions?

Frederik’s movements are graceful but his skin tone is radiant. Take a look at the photo of him at the 50-second mark. Wow!

But what really gets me is his mane. This horse has curls that women and male models would die for.

What do you think about Frederik the Great? Is he truly one of the world’s most beautiful stallions?

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