Atruck driver was having a normal day on the job when the unthinkable happened on the other side of the road. Car horns began to honk, tires began to screech, and finally the loud sound of metal hitting metal.

The helpful truck driver, Saul Vazquez, pulled over to see if he could be of any assistance, but thankfully the first responders showed up pretty quickly. Vazquez looked at the crash and knew that it had to have been bad. The police and paramedics began to do their job to the best of their abilities, but the mere fact that there was a motorcycle involved in the crash meant that things for that driver must be in a pretty bad state.

Vazquez took a picture of the scene in hopes to inform people of the potential traffic and to send out prayers for everyone in the crash. “All I say is I hope everyone involved is okay!” he said on his Facebook. But when he looked down at the photo, he saw something very strange. Right above the policeman in the middle there was a wispy sort of figure.

At first, one would assume that it’s just a trick of the light. But when you zoom in, and look a little closer, things start to get odd. It honestly appears as if a figure is hovering over the wreck, beckoning toward the injured motorcycle driver. Eventually, he was taken to the hospital, where we regret to say he passed away. But something about that picture gives us all hope, that while he may be gone from this world, he’s moved on to the next with a little help from a mysterious figure caught on film.

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