Viral Video Shows How You Can Remove Snow From Roof By Simply Using One Rope


Winter is now in full swing, which means that millions of Americans are currently dealing with snow around their homes. One of the most annoying aspects of winter is dealing with snow on the roof, which is why this simple winter hack is going viral in a big way!

When most people, want to get snow off of their roof, they head up their with a shovel. However, this can be a dangerous and tedious activity, which is why it’s so good that this hack that involves just using a rope to clear a roof of snow is going viral.

In the video, you’ll see a man explain how you can get all of the snow off of your roof by using just one piece of rope. The man begins by throwing a length of rope with a hammer tied to one end onto the ground. He then places the rest of the rope over and around the edges of the snowpack on the roof, and jumps back onto the ground. Once he’s back on the ground, the man begins pulling on the rope so that the rope itself is scraping underneath the layer of snow.

This rope trick creates a mini-avalanche that clears the roof of snow in no time at all! The video has quickly gone viral, being viewed nearly 10,000 times as social media users everywhere have found that it really does work!

Watch the clever hack in the video below: