> Watch Give Back Films Tip A Deserving Hotel Cleaner $500

Watch Give Back Films Tip A Deserving Hotel Cleaner $500


It was a totally normal day at work, but when one hotel cleaner noticed something unusual tucked in between the sheets, she was in utter shock. Josh and Kyle from Give Back Films decided to make the day of one unsuspecting hotel employee. It all began when she was first hired. The hotel manager’s cleaner had just quit and decided to give her a shot. Quickly the manager was blown away by her initiative. She took on a huge amount of work, then went above and beyond in getting organized.

“We thought we’d try her out. She didn’t have any money, she only had limited cash. So it kind of worked out for everybody. She’s done a great job — an excellent job,” the manager said.

Josh and Kyle felt she could use a big tip. They set up cameras in the hotel room from different angles. Then they placed $500 in cash in between the sheets with a note that told her to enjoy the tip. Watch as she tidies up the room, then discovers the big surprise. Her reaction is everything you want it to be: shock and gratitude!

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