She watches as long-term boyfriend gets down on one knee in front of sister with Down Syndrome


Marriage always comes with a package deal, and that package just so happens to be the other person’s family. If you’re going to love and cherish someone for the rest of your life, it may also be wise to get along with their loved ones, and for 25-year-old Will Seaton, he recently found the best friendship of a lifetime with his girlfriend’s sister.

The Indiana man told the TODAY that he absolutely adores Hannah, 16, who is the younger sibling of his long-time girlfriend, 23-year-old Ashley Schaus. “She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body,” he said of the younger sister. “She is full of life and always puts a smile on everyone’s face.”

the knot

The couple first met in October 2010 at a car show in Bristol when Ashley was just 17, and after that, Will not only built a promising relationship with his girlfriend, but he also became really close with Hannah. The teenager has always been quite special to just about everyone.

Hannah was born with Down syndrome and diabetes, so Ashley was raised to fulfill the shoes of a very involved, big sister — even to the point of inviting the young teen out on dates with her and Will. “She’s part of my life and if you’re going to be with me, she’s going to be with us,” she said.

The trio has gone on plenty of dates together including movies, fishing, and playing video games at an arcade called GattiTown. And, Hannah has surely grown fond of the man whom she says “makes me laugh and takes care of me.”

the knot1

Located in a field of daffodils, Ashley tearfully watched as her boyfriend got down on one knee in front of her sister, placed a ring on her finger passed down from their grandma, and asked to be best friends forever. “I asked ‘Am I next?’ Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife,” Ashley said.

Several photos of the beautiful proposals were shared all over social media. Now, Ashley and Will look forward to Hannah being the “best sister” at their wedding on October 7.

“We came up with the term ‘Best Sister,’” the soon-to-be bride told Inside Edition. “She’s more than a bridesmaid but not obviously a bride.”