> Watching All These Different Farm Animals Drink From The Bottom Of A Bucket Is So Cool

Watching All These Different Farm Animals Drink From The Bottom Of A Bucket Is So Cool


Have you ever wondered what animals get up to when you aren’t watching? While you might think that you have a pretty good sense of what your cat or dog does all day when you’re at work, the truth is that you really don’t have a clue.

From our pets to animals out on the farm, what animals really do every day is a mystery. Don’t you wish you could get a glimpse of what their lives are like without spending a fortune on some kind of nanny cam?

The researchers at one field lab in Texas know the feeling. Studying animals is what they do every day, but even they don’t know for sure what animals get up to when no humans are looking. They decided to do something to finally change that once and for all and shed some light on the secret lives of animals.

Scientists at Southwest Texas alternative energy and sustainable living field laboratory decided it would be fun to put a camera in the bottom of a bucket of water and leave it recording to see how many different creatures they could capture on film.


In the early hours of the morning, birds lined the edge of the bucket. They congregated to hydrated and chirp at each other before starting their day. Did you notice how the second the birds arrive all of the bugs vanish?


The next creature to come and visit the bucket of water? An absolutely adorable field mouse. Everyone has seen mice scurrying around but this hidden camera captures them in detail like never before. So cute! 


Once the mouse left, the parade of animals just kept coming. Next up was a pair of chickens! You don’t often get to see chickens drinking water. This up-close-and-personal glimpse of how they do it is so cool to see!



The bugs, birds, mice, and chickens weren’t the only animals who came to visit the bucket! If you want to see who else came to quench their thirst be sure to watch the entire video below. The visitors may surprise you…


What a cool idea! It’s so great to get an inside peek at these common animals just living their lives.

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