‘Werewolf’ wanders the streets for months with no one to care until someone put out a plea


King had been abandoned for months and when rescuers pulled up they couldn’t believe their eyes.

The poor dog had been living on the side of the road.  He resembled a werewolf with a mangy patch of fur, his emaciated body and furless pink tail.


There was no effort by anyone in the  Madera Ranchos, California area to bother finding out what kind of animal he was. Or worse yet if he even was a dog, they weren’t interested in helping this guy out at all.

Until one woman,YB Rivlores,  spotted him and desperately posted on Facebook.


The founder of Bowe’s Adoptable Rescue Pups, Megan Bowe responded.  “I could tell the German Shepherd was on his last legs from the photos”,  but she didn’t know just how bad he was until she arrived to save him.

He was barely able to stand up. His fur was falling out and he was suffering from starvation


She rushed him to the vet, they found out that King was only about a year old and was suffering from a fractured pelvis, that had been broken for months.


He was quarantined and fed daily until he regained some of his strength.  Then it was time to operate. The vet instructed Megan to take King on daily walks to strengthen his hind leg.

He’s a happy pup and growing stronger everyday.  Thank you to the Good Samaritan that acted to help him!  Thanks to her, he will have a bright future ahead of him.