Gina Gibson was about four weeks away from losing her home. That house is pretty much everything she owns and although it needed some repairs Gina never thought of selling it or moving away. However, her neighbors believed that the place lacks the appropriate features that would satisfy the housing codes so they filed numerous complaints asking for her home to be condemned. The time she was left with in order to do the repairs was way too short, and she didn’t have the money either, so she decided to ask the community to offer a helping hand.

Fortunately, it seems life can find its ways to help us when we need it the most so when she thought everything was lost, the fluke knocked at Gina’s door. But this time the luck came in the form of 30 strangers who were more than happy to help this grandmother.  The final result was simply astounding.

One morning Gina heard strange noises coming from outside her house. She got a bit scared because she had no idea what could have been happening. Curious, she went to take a look and that’s when she got a surprise of a lifetime. The people were standing outside ready to start renovating the place. The community answered her cry for help and the members of the Claycomo Ford Plants UAW 249 motorcycle committee had agreed to show up with enough people to do the necessary repairs she needed to fix her siding and gutters.

Gina was simply stunned by the sight. Her prayers were answered. “I was kind of not believing in people anymore and this just restored my faith in people.”

You can watch the whole video below. We hope you share this story with your friends so more people see that there are still good Samaritans ready to change the world starting with a single house.

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