> Why’d He Rinse Steak Underwater? What A GREAT Secret!!

Why’d He Rinse Steak Underwater? What A GREAT Secret!!


Sometimes, there’s nothing more delicious than a quality steak. I don’t have the craving much, but when I do? It’s heavenly to fulfill. Unfortunately, great cuts of meat are pricy, and I just can’t afford to have them all that often.

However, this video tutorial is here to give your meat a major upgrade for half the price. The Cooking With Jack Show calls it the “Poor Man’s Filet Mignon,” and it’s something anyone can do in their kitchen, no matter the quality of meat.

Using this tenderizing technique, you can take any piece of tough, inexpensive steak and make it melt in your mouth!

Jack went to the store and bought the cheapest piece of meat he could find. He paid a mere $1.99/pound for a cut of “boneless select beef cross rib roast.” The trick here lies in the salt.

For every inch of steak, that’s one hour you must leave salt on top of the meat. Then, after letting it sit for the right amount of time, you run the meat under the sink until there is no trace of salt left. Jack says the process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours — it all depends on the size of the steak.

In the tutorial, he compares his Poor Man’s Filet Mignon to a piece of the same cut of meat without using his tenderizing technique. Will one come out more tender than the other? Watch the video below to find out — and please SHARE this great kitchen hack with your friends on Facebook!