The style team for Rachel Ray has gone through a whopping 461 makeovers in the past, but none have ended with a surprise quite like this! Celebrity stylist Kyan Douglas showed up to Travis Herman’s home in the cover of night to help give Travis’ wife Connie the surprise of a lifetime.

When Travis and Connie first met, he was a clean-shaven, good looking man. But as the years passed, Travis let his facial hair grow and, while he didn’t mind the rough beard hanging from his face, Connie was not a fan.

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While she still loved her husband and thought he was attractive with the beard, the scraggly look wasn’t appealing anymore. So Travis decided to do something about it.

Instead of letting it grow any longer, Travis reached out to the Rachel Ray team for some help. Before the big makeover, Travis told the Rachel Ray camera crew why it was time to get rid of the beard.

“My wife thinks my beard is a little bit unruly, I have to brush it to keep it looking right. It leaves a little trail of hair everywhere and it drives [Connie] insane.”

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Sensing how much the beard bothered his wife, Travis agreed to let Kyan shave it all off! He knew how thrilled his wife would be with his new look.

The team snuck in his home at 5 a.m. while Connie was still asleep. They even set up a covert operation in the toy room so she wouldn’t hear them hard at work with the makeover.

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With the clippers buzzing, they shaved off the scraggly facial hair inch by inch! The team worked fast to give him a new look.

Whispering while they worked, the team then turned from the beard and hairstyle to the rest of Travis’ look. They made him over from head to toe.

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After the beard was gone, Kyan helped Travis select a great new outfit to surprise Connie in. They found what they thought would mold his frame best.

As soon as he was dressed, Travis sent Connie an ominous-sounding text message asking her to come downstairs. Wearily, Connie peeked her head around the corner and saw Travis’ clean face!

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She couldn’t believe Travis got rid of his beard just for her! He is totally unrecognizable now!

Watch this incredible surprise makeover for yourself in the video below.

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