Wife Records Husband Telling Hilarious Story About His Trip To The Store


Some people are great at telling stories, providing every last detail of the instance and complementing them with hilarious mannerisms and comments. Darcy Cimarello believes that her husband is one of those people, as the stories he tells often leave her crying from laughing so hard. This case was no different, and Darcy had to break out her phone to catch the whole thing on camera to share with the world.

Her husband starts the story be explaining how he went to the store to pick up a few things, and encountered some of the worst smelling odors coming from a pair of his his fellow shoppers. He hurries home, eager to escape the smells, and readily tells his wife all about the incident. Darcy can barely contain herself as her husband describes the stench over and over again, unable to stop himself from gagging at the mere thought of how bad the smell was. He even mentions that fellow shoppers and employees were also suffering from the stench, and does an amusing impression of each of their reactions.

Darcy finds the whole situation to be absolutely hilarious, and continues to ask follow up questions to her husband to try and get more details out of him and to record his hilarious reaction. She even tries to construct a backstory for the two women he encountered, wondering if they were working on a farm, forgot to shower, or had a crazy excuse for why they smelled so bad.

“You’re so going on Facebook,” Darcy laughs, as her husband continues to gag at the thought of the smell. Little did the couple know that their video would soon hit viral status, and that the entire internet would soon be laughing right along with them.

Watch the entire video, and we dare you not to laugh…the husband’s reactions and mannerisms are just too hilarious!

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