The wife of a young Scottish man, feared lost at sea after falling from a cruise ship, has shared her profound sorrow over his sudden disappearance.

Liam Jones, 23, hailing from Dundee, was aboard the MSC Euribia when he fell overboard last Saturday near the Netherlands.

The liner had departed from Southampton the previous evening and was en route to the German port of Hamburg. Mr. Jones was reportedly traveling with family members.

Sophie Mcphee, 20, Mr. Jones’s wife, expressed her anguish to the Daily Record, saying, “I feel utterly lost. He’s just…vanished. I’ll never lay eyes on him again. I’m shattered.”

Liam Jones, with wife Sophia, 20, on their wedding day

Liam Jones and his wife Sophia, 20, captured on their wedding day.

Mr Jones, pictured left with his wife Sophia, right, vanished from a cruise ship in the North Sea

Mr. Jones, seen on the left with his wife Sophia on the right, disappeared from a cruise ship in the North Sea.

“I have countless unanswered questions about what’s transpired,” expressed Ms. Mcphee.

She last saw her husband on March 14 when he traveled from Dundee to Glasgow to meet his family before boarding the ship in Southampton for their cruise.

Recalling the last communication from her husband, she mentioned receiving a text message just before he vanished, stating he was feeling seasick.

Ms. Mcphee recounted being informed of the tragedy by her husband’s sister, who had seen CCTV footage showing Mr. Jones going overboard into the ocean.

Despite her efforts, she expressed frustration at the lack of contact from anyone since then, especially from MSC, whom she has been trying to reach since Monday without success.

The ship’s operator confirmed a passenger had gone overboard the previous Saturday and that authorities were notified promptly.

A spokesperson for MSC Cruises stated that police in Southampton had boarded the vessel the day before to conduct inquiries for the coroner.

Friends and relatives of the young husband have shared their devastation, longing for more information.

Sophia, 20, who was not on the trip, conveyed her extreme worry about the situation to the Courier newspaper, emphasizing her desperate attempts to gather information. She added, “The distressing aspect is not knowing precisely what has unfolded. Police Scotland has informed me that officers in Germany are investigating the case.”

Mr Jones was travelling on the Euribia when he fell into the water

Mr. Jones was aboard the Euribia when he plunged into the water.

A map of the journey and where Mr Jones was believed to have fallen overboard


A map depicting the route of the voyage and the approximate location where Mr. Jones was suspected to have fallen overboard.

She shared a broken-heart emoji on her Facebook page alongside a photo of her and Mr. Jones on their wedding day.

His brother, William Neil, 23, revealed to the Courier that Police Scotland informed him of the incident at his Glasgow home on Thursday night.

“Liam’s family and friends are devastated by this news,” William expressed. “We are deeply disappointed with MSC for their lack of communication regarding this matter.”

Paula Devlin, his sister, wrote, “The purest soul and best friend a sister could ask for.”

Mr. Jones’s friend, Jay Forbes, 23, mentioned attempting to contact other passengers on the ship via social media to gather information about the incident.

“We’ve been unable to obtain accurate information about Liam’s situation,” Jay said. “We are all extremely anxious and eager for updates.”

A spokesperson for MSC Cruises stated, “A passenger onboard MSC Euribia went overboard on March 16 while the ship was en route to Hamburg. The incident was reported to the authorities, and the police in Southampton boarded the vessel for investigation yesterday.”

“We are deeply saddened by this news, and our thoughts are with the family during this challenging time,” the spokesperson added. “Out of respect for the family’s privacy, we will not disclose further details.”

The spokesperson further mentioned that the company’s customer service team had maintained continuous contact with the family.

The Foreign Office confirmed, “We are providing assistance to the family of a British national following an incident in the Netherlands.”

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