Woman Complains To Neighbor About Racket At 3 A.M., Then He Writes Note To Explain Box At Her Door


Wherever you live, you probably have neighbors and have had to interact with them on a number of occasions. The closer they live next to you, the more their lives become part of yours: there’s no way to escape overhearing conversations, arguments, and other noises at any time of the day!

One woman, Zoë Oakes, was sleeping peacefully when her neighbor’s stomping woke her and kept her awake until 3 a.m. Understandably, she wasn’t too happy about it, so she wrote him an angry note asking him to keep it down and to be more considerate of those who live around him.

If she expected a response at all, it would have surely been a negative one. However, what she received at her doorstep was quite the opposite.

Scroll down to see the surprise note and gift that were left at her front door by her noisy neighbor!

Photo source: Twitter / Quadriplegic Gamer

Although angry with her noisy neighbor at first, Zoë Oakes found it in her heart to forgive him. She posted about the experience on Facebook.

“On Tuesday night I was woken at midnight by what sounded like an aerobics class taking place in the flat above my room.”

Zoë Oakes

“The footfalls and banging and thumping didn’t end until around 2am, at which point I was so pissed off I couldn’t sleep.”

Zoë Oakes

“The next morning I left a note under their door basically expressing my general disgruntledness and asking they be more considerate of their downstairs neighbours.”

Zoë Oakes

“This morning I came across this apology in our hallway.”

Zoë Oakes

“I must say, after eating the entire box, they have my forgiveness.”

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