A Woman Developed A Condition Due To Aging. Her Description Of It Is Hilariously Spot-On!


Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder might sound unusual to you because it’s a rare health condition that has surfaced recently. Age induced attention deficit is quite normal but assumes an alarming outlook when it starts hampering one’s daily-life activities.

Let’s take a look at the fundamental cause which triggers this disorder. A brain-scan study at the ‘University of Toronto’ reveals that the area of the brain responsible for concentration gets inactive as we age. Older people tend to recruit more of brain circuitry to carry out a task as compared to the young ones who employ fewer brain resources to do it. Another study conducted by the ‘University of California’ confirmed that older individuals find it hard to keep distractions and external stimuli at bay. However, many other individuals, in the age group 60-70, tested for the same, didn’t show any abnormality and so it’d be wrong to call it a common disorder.

Enough already! All you have to do, while you age to keep the brain functionalities in order is to constantly challenge your brain to perform attention-oriented tasks. Playing chess or learning to play some instrument goes a long way in ensuring optimal brain activities.