> Woman Gets Revenge On The Coworker Who Stole Her Coffee Creamer

Woman Gets Revenge On The Coworker Who Stole Her Coffee Creamer


Have you ever put something in the fridge, but when you went to get it, you found out that someone else has already eaten it?

There is nothing more frustrating than a food thief. Who do they think they are eating and drinking things they are not theirs?

In your own home, it is a little understandable for your family to think that any food in the fridge is up for grabs. But at the office? There is no excuse!

After days of having her coffee creamer stolen, one woman was fed up! Wouldn’t you be so annoyed if someone used all of your coffee creamer, and then put the empty bottle back in the fridge? Instead of confronting the thief, she decided to seek revenge.

You can see the hilarious revenge plot unfold below!


After finding someone else had been drinking her creamer all week, one woman decided enough was enough. This thief needed to stay away!


She got back at the creamer thief by replacing it with her breast milk.

I’m not sure how on Earth the thief didn’t realize that it had been swapped, but she got her revenge!


She posted the note to Reddit, and it has gone viral since!

Hopefully, this coworker now knows to stay away from her creamer.


Dear mysterious thief, next time, you should head to your local grocery store, and pick up your own coffee creamer!


If you think that her reaction to stolen coffee creamer was extreme, at least she didn’t throw her coworker’s computer in the tub like this scorned woman who caught her man cheating on her!


This revenge has sparked a lot of debate on the original post.

Some think she was right to do this if she’d been labeling her creamer, but if the creamer had no label, then she should have expected it.

Where do you fall in that argument? Would you drink creamer you knew belonged to someone else?

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