Woman hears cries coming from storm drain, crawls down and finds scared kitten trapped inside


Crawling into tight spaces isn’t always a good idea, and some even find the thought horrifying. A young lady who has remained anonymous was walking on the street with her friend when the two suddenly heard a couple of high-pitched shouts and meows. She knew that an animal was despair and the sounds were coming from the storm drain.

Source: DailyPicksandFlicks

She checked out the nearby environment but couldn’t find any manhole or another method to reach the kitten. Instead of waiting for help from the fire department or an animal rescue center to arrive, the young lady decided to crawl into the storm drain herself.

She gets on her knees and cautiously enters the drain. Luckily, she’s small enough to pass right through, although it was tight fit nonetheless. The lady disappears completely from the storm drain for a couple of seconds. After she successfully found the cat, she handed the thankful animal to her friend and climbed out once again.


A video of the girl has been posted and quickly went viral, but it still remains unknown who the courageous good samaritan is. International animal rescue organization Harmony Fund has praised her actions on their Facebook page.

“We don’t know her name. We don’t know what country she’s in. But we do know that the young woman is one heck of a hero,” a representative from Harmony Fund said.


They want to find the young woman in order to give her a wholehearted thank you.

“The difficulty with the internet is that sometimes it’s nearly impossible to trace a piece of content to its origin, but that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating the unsung heroes among us. Maybe, just maybe, this story will find [its] way back to her and if it does, she will be delighted to read all the supportive comments left on our Facebook page by viewers like you,” the representative added.

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