Woman Reveals The True Nature Of Pit Bulls, That Wasn’t Expected!


Pit Bulls often get a bad reputation, but this video is PROOF that it is dog owners who cause some animals to be aggressive and dangerous. This video was such a great surprise for me! When I think of the traditional Bollywood-style dancing I’ve seen in films, it definitely isn’t a dog who comes to mind. I couldn’t believe my eyes once the music came on and these two started moving!

The dog’s owner is a trained choreographer who shows us that with a little love (and presumably a lot of practice!), even a Pit Bull can be the most graceful dancer. My favorite moments happen after about 0:59… just take a look at what a great dance partner that dog is! I hope these two keep showing off their moves, because they are both amazing talents. What a show!

Pit Bulls are just like any other breed. They love to learn, they love to love. Please SHARE this amazing video if you love the breed as much as we do!