Woman Takes Out Camera When Cop Pulls Over (Photo)


When a Missouri woman saw a police officer pull his car over in an unusual way, she took out her camera, unsure of what might happen next. When she saw what he did, she was pleasantly surprised.

Brittany Wallace saw a St. Ann police officer pull his car over in a strange way at a stoplight and she took out her phone to capture whatever was about to happen, notes Mad World News. That’s when she saw the officer walk over to a man in a wheelchair to escort him across the street.

“Thought I would share this,” Wallace wrote in a Facebook post. “St. Ann police escorting this man across the Rock Rd in the 90 degree weather after his scooter wasn’t working properly. Thank you SAPD for once again helping the community!!”

The post was received very positively, especially during a time of high tension between police and their communities. In a comment on the post, Wallace said she was glad to see such a positive reaction.

“I can’t believe how many people have liked and shared this!” she said. “I get sick of seeing all the negative news about police officers all over the media but never the good!! Thanks for all who have shared and liked!! This truly made my day!!”

“Another outstanding effort by SAPD,” one woman wrote in a comment. “Well done.”

“This is what I like to see,” another user wrote. “Police actually protecting and serving. #hesoneofthegoodones.”