> Woman Tells Airline to Remove Dogs on Board. Moments Later, Cops Drag Her off Plane Instead

Woman Tells Airline to Remove Dogs on Board. Moments Later, Cops Drag Her off Plane Instead


This likely is not the first time you have seen a news story title about a passenger forcibly removed from a plane. Who could forget the video of Dr. Dao being dragged off a United Airlines flight?

A situation requiring someone to give up his seat and then forcibly being removed evoked varying responses. Many fellow passengers and viewers who later saw the video expressed sympathy or at least mild frustration for him.

Another video has gone viral of the police dragging a passenger off a plane. This time, however, the female passenger has received more criticism than sympathy.


The woman, along with fellow passengers, boarded Southwest Flight 1525. It was headed to Los Angeles, California, from Baltimore, Maryland.

Before the plane could even take off, however, the woman found a problem with two of the passengers. These “passengers” happened to be two dogs.


One dog was a pet, and the other was an emotional support animal. The woman claimed that she had a life-threatening pet allergy.

She demanded that Southwest remove the dogs on board. The passengers who brought dogs rightfully paid for their spots, though.

The crew was not going to force the passengers with dogs to deplane. There is an allergy injection that could have been given to the woman to help any symptoms, which she requested, but she did not provide a necessary medical certificate.

Despite her claim of having a deadly allergy to pets, she wanted to stay on the flight. At this point, the airline was concerned about her own safety during the flight.

The woman refused to leave the plane when she was asked. The captain of the plane had to request Maryland Transportation Authority Police’s help.


Bill Dumas filmed the removal of the woman from the plane. Officers used physical force to keep moving her toward the plane’s exit.

The woman can be heard saying, “Don’t touch me! I’m walking!”