Woman’s Plan Backfires When She Buys A Beer For A Stranger


At first, the men the video below are ecstatic when a beautiful woman at a restaurant buys them a drink. Naturally, they think she’s interested, but what she does next turns the whole situation upside down. When an apparently more attractive man sits down, she tells the waitress to take the drink from the original man and give it to the new guy. One final twist makes the woman change her mind again, and she eventually gives the drink back to the first man. 

The whole situation is a setup, and the original man is the only one who isn’t in on it. The woman, the waitress, and the man who comes in halfway through the prank are all actors. The comedy in the sequence comes from the men’s reactions when they realize that they’re being used. How would you respond in this situation?

In my opinion the man who spilled the beer did the right thing. Luckily it was all a prank and he quickly realizes the situation he’s in is just for laughs!