WOW, More Than 160 Lives Were Saved During This ASTONISHING Rescue!


Puppy mills or puppy farms are a huge problem around the world, but here in the US, there are many people trying to stop these organizations. Dogs from these puppy mills very often are born of incest and have serious health problems. They are also kept in unimaginable conditions until they are sold for ridiculous amounts of money. Puppy farmers are criminals and must be stopped!

In this amazing rescue video, the US Humane Society bombarded a puppy mill farm in Montana, where they save over 160 Malamutes! Montana does not have laws to regulate large-scale breeding facilities, so after the police received several calls about people purchasing sickly Malamutes, the Humane Society stepped in and found dozens of puppies without food or water, living in disgusting conditions.

I’m so happy for the rescue and beyond thankful to the hard working heroes who made this possible. Please SHARE this story to spread this message to fellow dog lovers!