> WWII Hero Reunites With His Long-Lost Family After 28 Years

WWII Hero Reunites With His Long-Lost Family After 28 Years


Harold Emerson was born way back in 1918. WWI was a few weeks away from ending, the roaring ’20s were still on the way, the Great Depression wasn’t even close to the horizon, and Adolf Hitler hadn’t even begun his rise to power.

Harold was the oldest of three sisters and two brothers growing up on 240 acres of prime farmland. As the years passed by, many of his siblings got jobs and moved away, but Harold “stayed on the farm” with his dad.

But suddenly, war began to spread in Europe, and when his country called him into action, Harold did what just about every single man his age did of the greatest generation: he joined the fight against evil. And in battle after battle, Harold survived the chaos of war. From Omaha to the Bulge, Harold survived when so many of his close friends did not.

When he was honorably discharged, he went back home, he got married, and he began his career with the local school system where he worked for years before happily retiring.

While he was certainly pleased with his life, something was always missing: he sorely missed his sisters and brothers. He often thought back with a smile on his family when they were little kids. And now, Harold has decided he wants one special wish: to see his long-lost family once again!

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