> Young girl suffers “blown out” pupil and worse after playing with common plant – nurse mom sounds warning to all

Young girl suffers “blown out” pupil and worse after playing with common plant – nurse mom sounds warning to all


Whether you like to pick them, smell them or simply breath a sigh of happiness as you take in their beauty, flowers are something the vast majority of us can appreciate.

And yet, as with all things in nature, some are not to be trifled with. Flowers have evolved over billions of years to attract insects to their pollen, and some contain substances that are harmful to the humans who come into contact with them.

Ashley Medeiros, a registered nurse from Texas, is sounding the alarm over a fairly common flower in the U.S. after her daughter was left with a ‘blown-out’ pupil.

The flower in question? Moonflower …

Ashley Medeiros/Facebook

Moonflower is a seasonal plant that grows in shrub form and blooms at dusk. It’s found commonly in gardens across America, and its petals are comparable to those of the St. Joseph’s lily: White & pink.

It can be dangerous to be sucked in by the moonflower’s pleasant appearance, however, as Ashley’s daughter Pyper found out to her dismay.

What most people aren’t aware of is that the flowering moonflower can hold a dangerous hallucinogenic that can even lead to death.

Flickr / Šarūnas Burdulis

Ashley took to Facebook to share a warning, after Pyper’s eyes took on a drastically changed appearance when she spent an evening playing with the flower.

“Just a warning! If you have a moonflower plant do not let your kids near it.”

She explained that Pyper, “was playing with flowers tonight and ended up with one pinned pupil and one blown out pupil!”

Credit: Ashley Medeiros/Facebook

“Very scary to see, it also causes hallucinations, abdominal complications, cardiac arrhythmias. So dig them up or keep them away from your kids!”

Moonflowers, which have an abundance of different names, can have toxic effects. As per reports, in severe cases, the central nervous system can be attacked, leading to seizures, comas, heart failures and even death.

Visual disturbances can last for up to two weeks if left untreated, and it’s advised that you visit a hospital if you or anyone you know is exhibiting symptoms.

While deaths caused by moonflowers are rare, it’s important to remember that all it takes is one adverse reaction to put you or your loved ones in serious danger. It’s probably better not to take the risk!

Well, I certainly did know this about moonflowers. I just thought they were a pretty addition at the bottom of my garden!

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