If You’re Lathering Your Kids In These Sunscreens, You May Be Doing More Harm Than Good


Trying to get kids to put on sunscreen is the worst. They squeal, they cry, they wipe it off. It’s a terrible way to start a day at the beach or the park, and yet it must be done. Our overprotected children who’ve never even experienced a bad sunburn can’t even see the point of wearing sunscreen. And the real consequence of skin cancer is years in the future, far beyond their ability to imagine.

As if it weren’t hard enough for our kids to let us slather on sunscreen, now there’s a list of the worst sunscreens for kids.

What? Now we have to research which sunscreens to use? Knowledge is power, so we guess it’s good to know how to best protect our little darlings from the sun’s rays.



There are a few things that could be wrong with the sunscreen we’re using on our kids.



Oxybenzone is a chemical that can leach into your bloodstream and disrupt your hormone system, and also can cause skin irritation in some people. Retinyl palmitate is a chemical that can actually make sun damage worse.

High SPFs:

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and some sunscreens have ridiculously high SPFs that don’t work any better than an SPF of 30. An SPF of 100 may sound great, but it doesn’t really mean anything.

Spray Sunscreens:


Sprays are super convenient, but could be unhealthy if accidentally inhaled, and it’s easy to miss spots when you’re spraying sunscreen on, leaving skin vulnerable. We will admit to being fans of the spray, it’s so quick and easy! This list will make us think again.

All of the sunscreens on this list are marketed as being for children or babies, which makes us wonder what the manufacturers were thinking. Now that we are better informed on what to look out for, we are empowered to make better choices to protect our babies’ skin.

The list is as follows:

Banana Boat Kids Max Protect & Play Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 100
Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55
Coppertone Sunscreen Continuous Spray, Kids, SPF 70
Coppertone Sunscreen Lotion Kids, SPF 70+
Coppertone Foaming Lotion Sunscreen Kids Wacky Foam, SPF 70+
Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 70+
CVS Baby Sunstick Sunscreen, SPF 55
CVS Kids Wet & Dry Sunscreen Spray, SPF 70+
Equate Kids Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55
Hampton Sun Continuous Mist Sunscreen For Kids, SPF 70
Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen Spray, SPF 70+
Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen Stick, SPF 70+
Up & Up Kids Sunscreen Stick, SPF 55

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