If You’re Not Using Duct Tape To Make Popcorn, You’re Doing It ALL Wrong! Who Knew?


Every time I cozy up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn, I always feel like there’s something missing. For whatever reason, it’s REALLY hard to get that buttery-fresh taste you get at the movies when you’re at home using store bought brands

This video is here to change the popcorn game once and for all. We’ve been doing popcorn wrong, people! This helpful video from YouTube’s very own HouseholdHacker, shows us how to get movie theater style popcorn from the comfort of your own couch – and yes, you can add all the butter you like!

Check out the delicious treat and don’t forget to spread this awesome trick to all of your friends… they’ll be thanking you for opening their eyes to a new world of popcorn possibilities!

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