> YouTube sensation Andie Case covers Adele's 'Hello'

YouTube sensation Andie Case covers Adele’s ‘Hello’


Performing covers of smash hit songs can be seriously dangerous territory – think of an amateur trying to handle Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You,’ and you might find yourself cringing. Adele has quickly solidified herself as a queen of modern music, ranking amongst the most impressive stars in the industry after her newest album “25” broke the Billboard record for single-week U.S. album sales in a measly three days. If you’re a going to be covering an Adele song you better realize that you have some seriously huge shoes to fill, and YouTube star Andie Case rose to the challenge.

Case is a YouTube star from Seattle, Washington, and her fans have fallen head over heels for her raspy, yet genuinely sweet vocals. While she does write and perform her own music, she has developed a following for her covers and mashups of pop songs. What is perhaps one of the strongest draws about Case, apart from her incredible tonality, is that every cover she performs sounds distinctly unique. She has developed a style that is instantly recognizable, and instead of trying to copy the original performers as closely as possible, she performs each of her covers with her own flare. When Case covers an hit song, she changes the instrumentation and rhythm lines, embraces her different vocal style, and delivers a cover that can stand powerfully on its own.

In her most recent video, she covers Adele’s chart-topping new single ‘Hello,’ and puts her own sultry touch on it. Backed by nothing more than a friend on piano and another on guitar, Case’s version of the song takes on a more folksy, acoustic tone, distancing it from the sweeping orchestration in Adele’s original. Case’s vocal tone is higher, making her vocals feel more airy and delicate than Adele’s, and the stripped down background compliments this beautifully.

It’s no easy feat to cover a record-breaking single from one of the current queens of pop music, but Case has got the chops to deliver something beautiful. Take a listen to her version in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!