If You’ve Ever Seen A Coin Sitting On Top Of A Gravestone, Here Is What It Means…


It is so important and crucial to remember the people who have fought and fallen for our country in wars overseas to protect the nation that stands strong that we know today.

There is not enough appreciation for vets who have fallen and are in tough spots in their lives now, which is why every ounce of respect should be given to those who once gave their lives in times of war.

Once way that people do this many do not know about, and it involves putting coins on soldier’s graves.

One way that people honor the fallen soldiers from our armed forces is by leaving coins on their graves.  If you have every walked through a veteran cemetery, you might have seen coins places on the tombstones, and the reason why is actually quite touching.

Each coin that you might encounter at the grave site has a special meaning that it carries, and if you can know what they mean, than each coin that you find carries an entire story with it.

If you find a penny on the gravestone, that leaves a message to the soldier’s family that you are just a person who passed by, and payed their respect to the solider who is buried at that specific location.

If you find a nickel on the tombstone, that means that you have trained at boot camp with that soldier, which gives some type of connection between the person that visited and the soldier who is now there.

If you leave a dime, that means that you have served in some way shape or form with that fallen soldier while in the service.

The most important common coin that you can leave is a quarter, which means that you were with the solider or company when that solider was killed.

The tradition actually stems from the Vietnam war, when people would participate in this type of practice instead of going and meeting with the families in case of finding themselves in some type of conflict.  This was because of all the controversy that was surrounding the Vietnam war, which is sad for the veterans because all they wanted to do was follow orders and protect their county.

Leaving a coin was then seen as a more practical and efficient way to communicate with the family of the fallen solider instead of having to find them and travel.

Now, this tradition is paying off, literally, because the grave sites collect the tons of coins that they find on the graves just like they do with flowers after they have been there for a while.

This helps the grave sites raise money for keeping the grounds beautiful and a nice place to visit for everybody that comes by.

If you want to find out more about this beautiful tradition, hear more explanation about it, and see it happen in real life, watch the video below and let us know if you have ever seen coins on a grave stone before in the comments!