Zookeeper Jumps Into Icy Waters To Save Young Ostrich


The winter weather has been very confusing for some animals lately! A newborn calf was saved before the thin ice could break under him, but his misfortune can perhaps be blamed on his youth. Zoos have been experiencing some trouble with the animals too: This ostrich wasn’t exempt from making the same mistake!

The young ostrich at the Pittsburgh Zoo got into a little trouble when she decided to test out the icy waters of the moat separating her enclosure from the elephant exhibit. She broke through the thin ice covering the water, and the poor thing couldn’t figure out how to get out.

Home video of the event shows the zookeepers safely prod and pull at the ostrich in order to lead her out of the water, but the big bird doesn’t budge. But if you keep an eye on the bearded man, you’ll see how the young ostrich was finally saved.

The brave handler, who had lost the rod he was using, is seen taking his shoes off. Then he sits at the edge of the moat, with his legs dangling over, almost touching the surface. Seconds later, he jumps in! You can hear people exclaiming, even suggesting that he use a wetsuit to retrieve the ostrich, but the man decided there wasn’t enough time. He carefully grabs hold of the animal and leads her to the edge, where she could exit the water.

The ostrich is now safe, even getting a blanket to help her recuperate!

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