> 11 alternative uses of paper towel holders to save you time and space

11 alternative uses of paper towel holders to save you time and space


You might not think that a paper towel holder is good for much else than holding paper towels, but you’d be surprised at some of the ways it can come in handy around the house.

1. Utilize a paper towel holder to keep things organized in your closet. Maximize your space by hanging scarves and other linens from it.

2. Similarly, use the holder to keep your belts, bracelets and watches nice and tidy.
3. For craft lovers, keep your tape and ribbons handy with a paper towel holder.
4. In a similar fashion, you can construct a handy gift-wrapping station. 

5. For all the bakers out there, use a paper towel holder to keep all of your cookie cutters in one place. Now you won’t be digging through your drawers looking for the right one.
6. Easily store and keep trash bags handy. This is a more favorable alternative to rifling through the sink cabinet every time you need a new garbage bag.
7. Make a rotating book for recipes, stickers, or any other information you want to keep organized and on display.
8. Hang your ties on a holder to keep them straight and wrinkle-free. 
9. Need to declutter the kitchen counter? Here’s a two-level storage system that will free up some space.
10. Calling all knitters. Keeping your yarn in a bag or bucket may result in unraveling and tangling. Avoid the unnecessary mess by sticking it on a paper towel holder.
11. For those who are looking to reduce your paper consumption, consider ditching paper towels in favor of cloth napkins. They’ll look neat when wrapped around a paper towel dispenser, and it’s an easy way to save some money.
You can even build your own personalized paper towel holder out of cardboard. Talk about being environmentally friendly! Check out how it’s done in the ReadyFor DIYvideo below.