They might be massive, but they’re also super cute. Yes, Clydesdales are huge. But they’re also big on cute.

These American icons, synonymous with Budweiser, are the shining stars of one of America’s best Superbowl Commercials to date.

But there’s more to these majestic beasts than meets the eye at first glance. Dig deeper and you’ll realize these beautifulhorses have distinctive personalities.

A closer look will make you fall in love with these 1900 pound cuties, if you haven’t already. Please SHARE these incredible beauties with fellow horse-enthusiasts. Thanks for reading!

1. They’re total goofballs.


2. They know the power of a smile, and they aren’t afraid to use it.


3. They can upstage pretty much anyone in a photo.


4. Though they were used as war horses in the 17th century, they’d rather be doing this:


5. In 1975, Clydesdales were on the vulnerable list for survival. Today, they’re alright. The breed’s popularity is ever growing and it’s estimated that 600 foals are born each year!




7. Though the brown/bay color combo you’ve seen in beer commercials is the best known coat for a Clydesdale, their coats appear in a range of colors – including adorable dapples!


8. Adolescent Clydesdales are always nagging their moms: “When’ll I be old enough to advertise Budweiser, ma? I have the right coloring!!”


9. A clydesdale will love you even if you occasionally eat fast food. (Health fanatics they are not.)



10. They can LEVITATE! (Kind of.)


11. They can have both bad and good hair days…just like us.


12. They’re seriously the most gentle giants you’ll EVER meet – watch the video below of a clydesdale being ridden for the first time. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen all day!!



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