Here Are 16 Awesome Uses For LEGO You Never Thought Of. #10 Is Straight Up Awesome.


Since 1949, LEGOs have been a part of our lives, making walking barefoot through our children’s toy rooms a dangerous minefield. (Studies will soon show that stepping on a LEGO brick while barefoot is the most painful thing a person can experience, second only to childbirth.) As of 2013, LEGO has produced 560 billion bricks, contributing to all of the amazing kits that have been built over the years, from Star Wars to Simpsons.

LEGOs were made so that children could think outside of the box and build whatever their hearts desired. So, it makes sense that some people came up with some pretty cool things you can build with LEGO:

I’ll never look at a box of LEGOs the same way again. I feel a little silly just following the instructions. By now, my entire home could have been built out of LEGO.

(H/T Mashable)

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