16-Year-Old Took 1 Pill; 2 Weeks Later She Wakes Up From A Coma Looking Unrecognizable


In 2015, 16-year-old Amy Thomson’s life was changed forever.

A beautiful young woman and fun-loving, socializing teen tried a pill.

Just once, and just one tiny pill, but that one small decisionnearly killed her.

The pill she took is called MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy. This drug, along with many others, is a party drug. Although many people believe it has nothing but “experience enhancing” effects, they’re sorrily mistaken.

Thomson and three other young girls ranging in age from 15-19 were taken from a teenage party where they had all been suspected of having consumed the dangerous drug. Unfortunately, while the others were discharged, Thomson spent nearly a month on life support and two weeks in a coma.

Seeing the video and comparison you’re about to see below is devastating. However, The Doctors and Thomson’s family who have shared this information are doing so as a reality check to men, women, teens, and children everywhere.

Every parent believes that their child won’t do this or that, or that they know better, or that they’ve talked to them enough. The truth is there is never enough conversation about these topics.

Drugs are everywhere, and even if you have a kind and smart child, sometimes situations are unpredictable and they are pressured. Anything can happen, and it’s important to have honest conversations about these things so that we can all prevent heartbreaking transformations like this from happening to anyone else.

Thomson survived, but she is now confined to a wheelchair and must learn to live her life all over again.

The next person you see in the news that’s decided to try something just once, might not be lucky enough to survive.

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