> 17 Mother and Daughter Quotes That Will Make You Cry

17 Mother and Daughter Quotes That Will Make You Cry


These quotes will make you want to hug your mum right now!”

After touching quotes about moms and daughters? Can’t live without your mom? Here are our very best phrases and quotes about our beautiful moms.

  1. “Look no further than your mom, daughters, for she’s the best friend you’ll ever have.”
  2. “A daughter is a mom’s treasure.”
  3. “My sweet daughter. Don’t forget how much I love you. There will be bad and good things in life, but learn from them all. As your mom, just be who you really are.”
  4. “Daughters and moms together = happiness.”
  5. “A mom’s love is the most powerful thing in the world, healing the soul.”
  6. “Moms and daughters dream together, laugh together, and love one another with all their souls.”
  7. “Daughters will grow to become your closest friends.”
  8. “My little girl is the sunshine in my life. Silly things in life make her laugh, and in that way, she’s my inspiration.”
  9. “I want to squash you, I just love you so much!”
  10. “A unique bond which lasts for years.

Despite worry, smiles, laughter, and tears,

An unbreakable feeling of trust, a love often unspoken.

A kinship that lasts and is based on sharing,

Warmth and kisses, love and caring,

Daughter and mom who feel like one,

A bond that never will be undone.”

  1. “Moms can replace anybody else, but can never herself be replaced.”
  2. “Ring your mom, and let her know she’s loved. You alone know how she is on her inside.”
  3. “The most unexpected thing about being a mom was just how totally and completely it shook up my self-image and changed what I feel I deserve, in a good way.”
  4. Gloria Estefan once said: “Motherhood is difficult and rewarding”
  5. “Moms are queens.”
  6. “Daughters are blessings that we never stop being grateful for.”
  7. “I wish for my kids not to follow how I live. I wish for them to walk beside me and accomplish more than I ever will.”