Mercury is everything you could want in a cat: fuzzy, adorable, playful, and tons of fun.

But there’s something unique about this little kitty…as he only has two hind legs!

Amazingly, he learned to walk upright much like a person, and never let his disability slow him down.

Watching him play and romp, he doesn’t even seem to notice that there’s anything “different” about him at all. He currently has over 79,000 fans on Facebook.

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see Mercury in action!

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1. Mercury’s pet parents found him when he was just four days old. They believe he had lost his legs in an accident involving a weed whacker.


2. His eyes were still shut and he only weighed four ounces. They took him to the vet and made sure he was nursed back to health.


3. Astonishingly, he began learning how to walk on two legs!


4. Soon enough, he was jumping, running, climbing, and doing things any other cat would do.


5. Since he was a kitten, Mercury has shared a very special bond with his dad.


6. His parents regularly take him to the vet, who has been impressed with his progress.


7. He has developed normally and has had no issues with his neck or spine.


8. His parents worked to get him prosthetic legs, but they were told that due to the very short length of his front limbs, he is not a candidate.


9. But having only two legs hasn’t stopped him at all!


10. He gets along wonderfully with other animals, and is one happy-go-lucky kitty. Mercury is truly an inspiration.



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