20 Hilarious Test Answers From Kids That Are So Wrong They’re Right


My school days were not my proudest. Though I managed to buckle down and finish college, the six years spent doing it reflect a certain lack of attention. Those days are behind me now, but it’s always funny to be reminded of every ‘educated guess’ I made on a test question.

The kids in the list below are well on their way to greatness. Though none of these test answers are ‘correct’ in the traditional sense, these kids are basically geniuses. Check out their cheeky guesses in the list below.

  1. Teacher of the year.

  2. Goals

  3. They’re on to something here.

  4. How would they know?

  5. Well when you put it that way…

  6. Classic.

  7. This makes me sad.

  8. Totally.

  9. Didn’t turn out so well.

  10. Oh Carson.

  11. Couldn’t we all.

  12. Wouldn’t we all.

  13. Spelling is important.

  14. Half credit?

  15. Well then.

  16. I say again, spelling is important.

  17. This is actually pretty genius.

  18. Well played.

  19. I have to agree with this one.

  20. Nailed it.