> These 20 Vintage Sideshow Photos Will Give You Nightmares. Especially #11...OMG.

These 20 Vintage Sideshow Photos Will Give You Nightmares. Especially #11…OMG.


If there is one great American pastime that we’d rather forget existed, it’s the circus sideshow. These shows were not only creepy, but also heavily exploited vulnerable people.

Despite the negatives of sideshows, most of these performers are just too cool and freaky not to look at. Here are 20 of the most famous and freaky sideshow performers of all time. Just wait until you see #11; she might start haunting your dreams.


1.) The Human Pincushion.

2.) The pierced man.

3.) Pip and Flip.


4.) Lucia Zarate, the smallest person who ever lived. In this picture, she is 18 years of age, and only weighs 4 pounds.

5.) The Legless Acrobat with his family.

6.) Sideshow boxers.

7.) A performer with severe hand and feet deformities.


8.) The Four-Legged Woman.

9.) John Jennings, also known as The Modern Samson.

10.) Mike, the headless chicken. He managed to live 18 months without a head.

11.) Koo Koo, The Bird Girl.

12.) A performer with huge feet, and a performer with no arms.

13.) Unzie the Albino.


14.) Annie Jones, an American bearded woman.

15.) Ella Harper, also known as the “Camel Girl.”

16.) The Elastic-Skin Man.

17.) A two-headed man.


18.) Alice E. Doherty. Her stage name was, “The Minnesota Woolly Baby.”

19.) The living skeleton, AKA Isaac W. Sprague.

20.) Artoria Gibbon, the tattooed woman. She would look right at home in 2014.

Well, there aren’t many words to describe how unsettling some of these photos are. You have to remember, though, that underneath everything, they’re all still human.