> 21 Adorable Animals Whose Markings Make Them Stand Out From the Crowd.

21 Adorable Animals Whose Markings Make Them Stand Out From the Crowd.


For better or worse, nature is capable of some truly awesome things. When it comes to these animals, they were blessed with unique markings that definitely set them apart from the rest of the pack. Ranging for adorable to embarrassing, these pets give a whole knew meaning to “body language.”

1.) This turtle has heart.

2.) Lucky number 7.

3.) Known as “OMG cat” for her spotted chin making her always look shocked.

4.) This turtle really loves AC/DC.

5.) Looks like this guy got pranked in chemistry class.

6.) He really is an angel face.

7.) Wearing her heart on her fur.

8.) Hopefully this lovely cat stayed out of those gummy worms.

9.) This mustache would give Ron Swanson a run for his money.

10.) Oh, this is just unfortunate…

11.) This is the Batpup we need and deserve.


12.) This eyebrow game is so on point.

13.) This guy needs some help, though.

14.) Groucho’s got nothing on this cat.

15.) This cat always has a question.

16.) Tis always the season when you have a Christmas tree on your nose.

17.) He doesn’t seem too impressed by his Mickey Mouse markings, but it’s pretty dang impressive.

18.) Number 9… number 9…

19.) A sweet ‘stache and soul patch combo.

20.) This cat is concerned about his eyebrows.

21.) This cat is always getting hugged by his bunny friend.

(via Bored Panda/Viralnova)

Brings back memories of the kid in third grade with the birthmark on his arm that looked exactly like the Nike symbol. He was so cool.