> Here Are The 23 Dumbest Criminals Ever Caught In The Act. #8 Takes Stupidity To A New Level.

Here Are The 23 Dumbest Criminals Ever Caught In The Act. #8 Takes Stupidity To A New Level.


We live in a world that is full of war, crime and despair. Be that as it may, it’s good to focus on the ridiculous and hilarious in life sometimes. It’s not worth letting the negative rule things. That’s why it’s great to look on the bright side of life… and read stories about really dumb criminals. It’ll help you learn to laugh about your own misfortunes.

(Although, you’ll probably be smart enough to avoid everything on this list.) These 23 criminals were so stupid, they should have been arrested for being ridiculous. Prepare to laugh.

“Undercover officers at Derbyshire police sent letters to dozens of people who had evaded arrest asking them to ring a marketing company to collect a free crate of beer. A total of 19 suspects fell for the hoax and called the number on the letter, which put them through to police officers based at Chesterfield Police Station.

They were told that they needed to arrange a date and time for the free alcohol to be dropped off at an agreed address. But instead of being handed free ale the wanted men found themselves confronted by police, handcuffed and under arrest.”  via Telegraph.co.uk






“A bungling burglar was caught red-handed trying to loot a house when police were already inside interviewing a victim of another crime.

Darren Kimpton, whose counsel described his offending as ‘clumsy’ and ‘pathetic’, had planned to steal items and sell them to buy Christmas gifts for his elderly parents.” via NorthHamptonChron.co.uk

(H/T BuzzFeed)

Oh, stupid criminals. They can really make you feel better about every silly mistake you have ever made. If any of these made you LOL, share them. These are the kinds of crimes you need to laugh at.