We tend to think we have a pretty good understanding of most animals on Earth today. But I promise that as you flip through this list you will realize that there is a whole other world out there!

These guys run the gamut of everything from silly looking creatures to curious animals to fear-inducing monsters!

1) Venezuelan poodle moth

2) Blobfish

3) Tufted deer

4) Pink fairy armadillo

5) Irrawaddy dolphin

6) Tube-nosed fruit bat

7) Lion’s mane-jellyfish

8) Snub-nosed monkey

9) Frilled shark

10) Wolf fish

11) Sunda colugo

12) Aye-aye lemur

13) Barreleye fish

14) Sea lamprey

15) Cyclops shark

16) Pangolin

17) Goblin shark

18) Yeti crab

19) Banded piglet squid

20) Saki monkey

21) Naked mole rat

22) Star-nosed mole

23) Uakari

24) Pygmy marmoset

25) Giant isopod

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Source: Matador Network

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