> 25 Gordon Ramsay Putdowns That Are Deliciously Funny

25 Gordon Ramsay Putdowns That Are Deliciously Funny


Gordon Ramsay is a world renowned chef. Not only does he have several restaurants around the world, he’s the host of several different onscreen cooking competitions. And if you watch his cooking competitions, you know that he doesn’t beat around the bush and can be very… well, blunt.

With that said, amateur chefs have decided to tweet their dishes to the celebrity chef, asking for opinions. And surely enough, Ramsay did not disappoint with his roasting replies.

It takes a lot of courage to show your dish to a chef like Ramsay, but we thank every amateur chef that did because the outcome has been hilarious.

#1. The smoke alarm probably died in the fire too.

I mean how does a person allow a steak to get that burnt?!

#2. She walked herself into that one.

Don’t call yourself basic and be surprised to being called basic.

#3. I thought scrambled eggs were supposed to be fluffy.

This… this doesn’t even look like eggs at first glance.

#4. The presentation doesn’t look that bad.

Until you take a look at the rice.

#5. Wouldn’t it have been better to send him the photo once it was cooked?

I guess he was too excited in the process of making his eggs.