3-year-old boy wakes up paralyzed after red bite mark appears on his head


Dillon and Stephanie noticed their son Collin woke up exhibiting some very peculiar behavior. Collin couldn’t sit up and was also having trouble walking. He had bumped his head the night before, but tests at the emergency room showed no signs of a brain injury.

Still, Collin’s condition continued to worsen. It got to the point he couldn’t move at all from the neck down, and he had difficulty eating and drinking.

After another trip to the doctor’s, Dillon and Stephanie were told that Collin would have gone into cardiac arrest had they arrived just 30 minutes later.

That’s when medical professionals found it: a small tick behind Collin’s ear.

The video below is a segment from The Doctors in which ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how tick paralysis works — and how Collin’s condition drastically changed once the tick was removed from his scalp.

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