Animal control asks public to help them identify man abusing dog on the street


While there are some who view animals as being mere pieces of property to dispose of as they wish, those who know better are well aware that these animals are considered friends and family members to people who truly care about. There is never ANY reason to mistreat an innocent pet.

We wish that everyone felt the same way as we did, but unfortunately there are a wide range of animals that are subjected to rotten and horrific treatment on a consistent basis. The citizens of Fresno are now being asked to band together and help Humane Animal Control to find a man who stands accused of abusing a helpless dog.


If you are out there and you know who he is, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact the good people at Humane Animal Control immediately. Their number is 559-600-7387 and they are standing by at all times, waiting to hear from those who wish to help them put a stop to these reprehensible behaviors.

This man was seen in public dragging a dog by the leash and witnesses were even able to hear the animal crying out in pain as a result of this atrocious treatment. Our heart certainly goes out to this abused creature and we hope that this jerk gets a taste of his own medicine!

The incident took place in downtown Fresno and we cannot believe that someone would brazenly abuse an animal like this in full view of the general public. This sort of behavior should not be acceptable under any circumstances and with any luck, this man will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.

Take a look at this video and check out these monstrous actions for yourself. Then take a moment to spread awareness by sharing this clip with your closest friends and family members. By spreading this clip around, you are increasing the chances of this scofflaw getting nabbed!

You can learn more here: If you recognize this man you’re asked to call Fresno Humane Animal Services at 559-600-7387