32 Times People Messed With Statues… And It Was Downright Hilarious.


Statues and icons are an integral part of our society. We like to honor our forefathers, important members of the community, and religion via motionless statues. Some artists even express themselves by creating sculptures that represent so much more than meets the eye. They are beautiful and impressive…

And posing with them can be so, so hilarious (albeit childish).

When these people saw sculptures, they didn’t just see them as statues. They viewed them as an opportunity to spread their creative wings. So, in the spirit of creativity and awesomeness, they did this. Make sure you thank them for it.

(via: the Chive via Viralnova)

The next time you find yourself at the Louvre or other institution of culture or art, don’t just passively observe. Get up in there and make it hilarious by bending over a statue’s knee. Some may see it as a lack of respect, but you’re just adding to the art.

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